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Saturday, September 26, 2009

$99 camera - the Panasonc DMC-LZ8K

For the gadget freaks out there who love to use and re-use their re-chargeable AA-size batteries, we have a hot deal. For a mere $99, you can get the Panasonic DMC-LZ8K. This is sold by Beach-Cameras at Amazon.com. Free shipping and handling is included.

It has an eight-megapixel sensor with a five-times optical zoom lens with image stabilization, which Panasonic calls MegaOIS. It has a 2.5-inch LCD display, and its lens starts at 32mm wide. Not quite wide-wide, but wider than most compact digital camera out there.

It's really hard to get a better brand new-in-box digital camera for $99!

Fujifilm F70 discounted to $242

For those of you who have a special place in their photographic hearts for the Fujifilm Super-CCD sensors, we have some good news. The Finepix F70 EXR has dropped in price to $242, with the usual free Super Saver shipping offered by Amazon.com.

The camera started out at $280, so it's already a near-$40 discount. The camera features a 10x zoom lens but it has a rather slim profile, all things considered.

It is the first compact and slim zoom by Fuji in recent years. It uses a smaller SuperCCD sensor than what most of the other Fujifilm Finepix cameras use, so it may not provide the same level of benefits as it does on the 1/1.6" sensors.

Having said all these, a $242 price on a slim-zoom camera is certainly a nice price!

And as always, be sure to check sample pictures, user and professional reviews, and online forums for opinions and questions.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Sony Cybershot W290 reaches the $200 price range

Hey Sony fans, if you like your Cybershots, and you like wide-angle photography with the compact digital cameras, you can get the 2009-model Cybershot W290, in your choice of color, for around $200 at Amazon.

This is the Amazon-proper price, but if you want to buy from one of their third-party sellers, you can save even more. But be careful with third-party sellers. Only buy from names you know and trust. If it's a seller you don't know of, make sure you first spend some time doing some research and such.

Especially if the price is lower than everybody else. That is of course not to say not to trust every third-party seller, but just like on eBay, exercise caution!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Fuji Finepix A170 for just $84 (free shipping, bonus book!)

If you are the thrifty type of buyer, we have something that might get you excited. For just $84, with free shipping included, you can get the Fuji Finepix A170. And as a bonus, you also receive a code that gets you a free 7x9 inch photo-book courtesy of Shutterfly. A $20 value they say.

Regardless of the free photo-book promo, paying $84 for a ten-megapixel camera, with a three-times optical zoom lens, and AA batteries is not. Unlike some of the older Fuji digital cameras, the newer models accept the SD and SDHC memory cards, which are the most affordable and more commonly used. So you are also getting the most thrifty combination of batteries and memory cards.

Because, unlike proprietary batteries, you can always buy AA batteries, be they alkaline, lithium or rechargeable. We do recommend rechargeable, because you can recharge them many many times, and you can use them in all sorts of other gadgets, not just this camera. More earth-friendly!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sony Cybershot W180 for $130

Hello Sony fans! If you are interested in the Cybershot W180, the silver model is offered by Amazon.com for $130. Free shipping and handling as usual with their Super Saving shipping. This is a ten megapixel camera, with a three-times optical zoom lens.

Please keep in mind, it takes Sony's own memory card format, the Memory Sticks, and it does not take the more common SD and SDHC memory cards.

The $130 price is for the silver model. The other two colors are going for a little bit more.

Considering where cameras and camera prices were a few years ago, it is amazing that for just $130 you can get such a camera!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Domke F-8 small shoulder bag (shipped for $61)

Once you start buying cameras, then you have to start buying bags to carry them and store them. Often, the latter may end up costing more in the long run, as some people develop a special-interest and affinity to bags of all kind. Or you could just get a couple of solid bags and ignore the sirens!

One such good bag is the Domke F-8 small shoulder bag offered by Adorama.com for $61, and with free shipping and handling.

There are no rebates to submit. What you pay is what you pay!

This bag is designed for 1 to 2 cameras, with two to four lenses, and the other usual accessories. It has eight compartments and it is of durable water-resistant breathable cotton canvas.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Cute blue Fuji Z20fd for $100

If you are looking for a cutesy colorful point and shoot compact little digital camera, that doesn't break the bank and takes the common SD/SDHC memory cards, then head on over to Amazon, where Target.com is offering the blue Fuji Z20fd for $100!

The Z20fd is a basic point and shoot compact digital camera, with a decent ten megapixels and a three times optical zoom that is built-in the camera body (folded-optics). The cover slides over the lens to protect when you turn off the camera.

Other features include face-detection, a 2.5 inch display, support of SD/SDHC (but also xD) memory cards, and a stylish eye-catching look. More so accenuated by the ice blue color of this particular model.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Vivitar V3800N SLR with 50/1.7 lens for $155

If you want to learn photography the old-school way, you need an all-manual film SLR! One such is the Vivitar V3800N with the 50/1.7 lens offered by Adorama for $155 with free shipping and handling. This is a 35mm film SLR, not a digital camera by the way! It requires film to take pictures for those who may be too young to remember film cameras :)

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Cosina 28-80mm f/3.5-5.6 lens for just $58

Dig low prices for new lenses? How about $58 for the Canon-mount of the Cosina Wide-Angle Telephoto 28-80mm f/3.5-5.6 AF Lens? That's right, you pay $50 plus $8 for shipping! This is a full frame lens, so you can use it on all your SLRs.

This price is offered by 47th Street Photo on Amazon.com.

Nikon D3000 super-kit for $615

If you are looking for a starter DSLR, and want to get a brand new 2009 model, instead of older previous years models, and you are a fan of the Nikon, then we have something interesting for you: A Nikon D300 super-kit offered for $598 plus $17 shipping and handling at Amazon.com by retailer Cameta Cameras.

In addition to the standard Nikon D3000 KIT (which includes the 18-55 DX VR lens), this super-kit, assembled by Cameta Cameras includes the following bonus items, which you also see in the picture below:
* additional EN-EL9a Battery
* 8gb Transcend SDHC memory card
* Nikon SLR System Case
* USB card reader
* card storage wallet
* cleaning kit
* recovery software (for lost memory card data)

Nikon D3000 super kit by Cameta on Amazon

Monday, September 07, 2009

Kodak Z885 for $99

You don't have to pay an arm and a leg these days to get a digital camera. And if you don't need to have the latest and greatest model, you can get an even better price. So if you are a thifty value-buyer, you may be interested in the Kodak Easyshare Z885, offered by Beach Camera on Amazon for $99. Free shipping and handling is included!

Creative Labs Vado-HD (8gb) pocket video cam shipped for $100

This deal is only good for a few hours, so don't sleep on it! deal of the day at NewEgg.com
The price is $100 with free shipping, no rebates, and you can buy up to twenty of these per customer. This is good until 1pm pacific time on Monday. Unless of course it sells out, in which case, it will end earlier.

One more thing, the link is a static link to the NewEgg Shell-Shocker Deal-of-the-Day, and it automatically adjusts to the current deal. So if you are reading this at a later time, you will see a different product.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Olympus E-520 DSLR and two lenses for $540

If you have been looking for a way to get into Four Thirds without spending a fortunte, we have a great idea for you - the Olympus E-520 with two lenses for $540 with free shipping and handling. This is offered by 17th Street at Amazon.com.

This is a nice price, the two lenses you are getting are the standard two lenses that come in the kit, the 14-42mm and 40-150mm. Both are Four Thirds lenses, so you have to do the "times two" math to get the focal-range in terms of the 35mm world. So, basically, these would be 28-84mm and 80-300mm.

The E-520 has sensor-shift image stabilization, so just about any lens you attach to it, will give you the benefit of image stabilization. This usually a few stops of a light advantage in situations where stabilization can help. It's not a miracle cure, and you still need a tripod for certain situations. And no, it can't perform miracles. But it can certainly help you get a shot that otherwise may have been impossible!

Samsung SL30 (black) for a mere $89

If you are looking for an affordable sub-$100 digicam and you are a Samsung fanboy of sorts that likes everything to be Samsung, well, just set aside $89 from your credit card budget and grab the P&S Samsung SL30 for just $89 with free shipping and handling. This price is at Amazon, and you can chose from which famous third-party seller you can get it from. That way you can pick it up from one that is closer to you, so shipping will be faster :)

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Refurbished 5-inch GiiNii SH-501 digital picture frame delivered for $15

This is the deal of the day at J&R World, so don't sleep on it if you are interested! And the price is screaming "buy me". For just $15, with free shipping thrown in, you can get the refurbished GiiNii 5-inch digital picture frame, model SH-501.

This has a 4:3 aspect ratio, with 480 x 234 Resolution, a 5-in-1 memory-card reader, a USB port, and with brown and black elastic frames. Also has calendar and clocking functionality, but there is no internal memory on it. You have to use a memory card or the USB port!

There is a limit of one per customer! This is a limited time promotion!

Samsung L200 (silver) going for $109

Looking for the boxy little Samsung L200? You found it friends! For $109, with free shipping and handling, you can get it from Beach Camera at Amazon. This is a brand new in box camera, not used or refurbished!

It has a modest ten megapixels with a three-times optical zoom lens, face detection, takes SD/SHDC memory cards, and has a 2.5-inch display.

Nikon 55-200mm f/4-5.6G ED-IF AF-S DX VR for $170

Nikon users looking for an affordable compact telephoto lens may be interested in taking look at what Adorama.com has to offer - the Nikon 55-200mm f/4-5.6G ED-IF AF-S DX VR for $170 with free shipping and handling. This is a lens exclusively for digital SLRs with the smaller sensors (DX) and in terms of 35mm focal ranges, it gives the effect of somewhere along the lines of 80-300mm.

This is because of the Field Of View crop, the lens itself does not magically change focal lenghts. It's just that the image falls on a smaller "film area" (in this case the sensor) so it "looks bigger". Or something like that!

Friday, September 04, 2009

Canon G10 gets reasonable price again

If you want to get the Canon G10 at a reasonable price, well, you may want to ponder $457, which includes free shipping and handling. That is the price right now at Amazon.com, and it comes with a bonus 7x9 inch photo-book via Shutterfly, a $20 value. The photo-book is optional, they basically give you a coupon and you can use it if you like, or just ignore it if you don't.

The Canon G10 has some advantages over its replacement, the G11, it has more megapixels (yes, I know, it's against the grain), and it has a fixed in-place LCD display. Both are decision points by photographers, some prefer fixed LCDs because they are less prone to damage, and the megapixels, well, that's a big can of worms for another place and another time!

Thursday, September 03, 2009

16gb Adata memory card for $30 (shipping included)

If you are looking for affordable memory cards that can hold lots and lots and lots of pictures and video, then you came to the right place!

One of the daily special deals of eBay is the 16gb AData SDHC memory card going for just $30 with free shipping and handling. This is offered by powerseller eCost.com. There are no rebates to submit!

Because this is a high profile eBay deal listing, the retailer would be committing suicide if they tried to cheat on the buyers and needless to say eBay would actually be furious at them because they wouldn't want to ruin the reputation of their popular daily deals feature! So, in other words, this is safer than your average eBay sale because it is a high-profile listing!

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