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Friday, September 04, 2009

Canon G10 gets reasonable price again

If you want to get the Canon G10 at a reasonable price, well, you may want to ponder $457, which includes free shipping and handling. That is the price right now at Amazon.com, and it comes with a bonus 7x9 inch photo-book via Shutterfly, a $20 value. The photo-book is optional, they basically give you a coupon and you can use it if you like, or just ignore it if you don't.

The Canon G10 has some advantages over its replacement, the G11, it has more megapixels (yes, I know, it's against the grain), and it has a fixed in-place LCD display. Both are decision points by photographers, some prefer fixed LCDs because they are less prone to damage, and the megapixels, well, that's a big can of worms for another place and another time!

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