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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Cute blue Fuji Z20fd for $100

If you are looking for a cutesy colorful point and shoot compact little digital camera, that doesn't break the bank and takes the common SD/SDHC memory cards, then head on over to Amazon, where Target.com is offering the blue Fuji Z20fd for $100!

The Z20fd is a basic point and shoot compact digital camera, with a decent ten megapixels and a three times optical zoom that is built-in the camera body (folded-optics). The cover slides over the lens to protect when you turn off the camera.

Other features include face-detection, a 2.5 inch display, support of SD/SDHC (but also xD) memory cards, and a stylish eye-catching look. More so accenuated by the ice blue color of this particular model.

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