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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Fuji Finepix A170 for just $84 (free shipping, bonus book!)

If you are the thrifty type of buyer, we have something that might get you excited. For just $84, with free shipping included, you can get the Fuji Finepix A170. And as a bonus, you also receive a code that gets you a free 7x9 inch photo-book courtesy of Shutterfly. A $20 value they say.

Regardless of the free photo-book promo, paying $84 for a ten-megapixel camera, with a three-times optical zoom lens, and AA batteries is not. Unlike some of the older Fuji digital cameras, the newer models accept the SD and SDHC memory cards, which are the most affordable and more commonly used. So you are also getting the most thrifty combination of batteries and memory cards.

Because, unlike proprietary batteries, you can always buy AA batteries, be they alkaline, lithium or rechargeable. We do recommend rechargeable, because you can recharge them many many times, and you can use them in all sorts of other gadgets, not just this camera. More earth-friendly!

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