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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Fujifilm F70 discounted to $242

For those of you who have a special place in their photographic hearts for the Fujifilm Super-CCD sensors, we have some good news. The Finepix F70 EXR has dropped in price to $242, with the usual free Super Saver shipping offered by Amazon.com.

The camera started out at $280, so it's already a near-$40 discount. The camera features a 10x zoom lens but it has a rather slim profile, all things considered.

It is the first compact and slim zoom by Fuji in recent years. It uses a smaller SuperCCD sensor than what most of the other Fujifilm Finepix cameras use, so it may not provide the same level of benefits as it does on the 1/1.6" sensors.

Having said all these, a $242 price on a slim-zoom camera is certainly a nice price!

And as always, be sure to check sample pictures, user and professional reviews, and online forums for opinions and questions.

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